Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil's Advantages

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil provides enormous advantages to consumer. It could be applied as skin care, hair care and oral care. Besides, coconut oil also helps in losing weight as it can rapid people’s metabolism by stimulate Thyroid gland which will make people consume less food and accelerate good fats (HDL). Moreover, coconut oil could increase insulin level which is benefit to diabetes person. Coconut Oil also kills bacterial and recovers skin disease such as Psoriasis. Apply 2-4 tablespoon before breakfast to speed up metabolism. Drink lots of water is demanded to decrease body temperature. Many people use Tropicana Oil to their hair; 10-15 minutes to maintain hair skin, recover dry/ split ends and reduce hair loss. Makeup remover is applicable as well. Reduce acne and skin moisturiser is adaptable.

Tropicana Oil Is Now Available at 7-11
          Tired of seeking for our product around town and finding nothing? Let us tell you all good news! Our Tropicana Oil is now available on shelf at 7-11. Let’s find out what we have got there
Tropicana and Kalapa Are Now Launched at Siam Discovery
   Nothing is better than shopping in your weekend. Let us introduce the brand new item to complete your shopping list right now.           “Kalapa”, has recently launched as a premium grade, eco-friendly product, with same high-quality organic coconut from Surat-Thani. The Kalapa line comes with the new “Detoxifying Charcoal” handmade soap bar, hand cream, and other skincare product.
The Origin of Tropicana Oil
          Tropicana Oil was founded by a small local family in Surat-Thani province, southern of Thailand. With the tropical geography, the best condition for rubber and coconut plantations. Southern Thai people’s tradition and beliefs have been bonded with the coconut for a long time. Most of southern Thai people plant the coconut tree in their yard because they can gain lots of benefit from the coconut tree.
New Arrival! Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule (Blister Pack)
          Tropicana Oil lately launched their product at 7-11 and reached more customers. Many customers share their good experience and feedback with us, which we really appreciate them.
How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Coconut Oil
          Cleaning your makeup tools is more important than you think. One of the reasons of acne prone skin is dirty makeup brushes we keep using every day. When we apply makeup on our face with unclean brushes, it means that we are re-applying dead skin cells, dirt, oil, bacteria. It does not mean that we are suggesting you to buy a new brush (Even we all want to!) Today, we would like to present you the way to clean your brush throughout. All of the ingredient can be found in your bathroom fo
End Your Body Odor Problem Using Coconut Oil
      Body odor is the natural thing that all of us differently have. Age plays a big role in the cause of body odor. As we all know, baby smell is so good. When the baby grows up, his/her body odor will change depending on his/her own hormones. Body odor is caused by the gland call Apocrine glands. The glands produce sweat that bacteria can break down into acid, smelly substance which causes the bad smell. Many of the glands can be found in armpits. That is why the armpits area is most likely t
Create Your Own Coconut Oil Lipstick
           Today, we come up with a fun idea to create your own lipstick at your home. These easy steps will let you be creative in your own way. Crayon, the item that kids love, it can be used for making an excited, vivid lipstick. If you are bored of using the same shade of pink, try mixing your own crayon. The power of crayon come with coconut oil, it will surely nourish your lips without any problem at all.
Best of Coconut Oil Product to Buy at 100 Baht or Less!
          You don’t always have to pay lot of money just to buy a single quality product from the store. We are here to provide you the good product that is worth all the money. Even your budget is 100 Baht per item; it’s not a problem at all! Let see what you can get with 100 Baht.
How to Grow Thick Eyebrows with Coconut Oil
You want to know the way to make your eyebrows growing, right? I would like to recommend you how to grow and thick your eyebrows with natural way.
Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss
Hair loss might be a big problem for you. Today, I would like to recommend you the way to prevent hair loss.
Coconut Oil and Heart Disease
The risk of heart disease can be prevented by using saturated fat like coconut oil.
Coconut Oil for Stress Relief
Don’t overlook coconut oil, when you’re stressed.
Natural Coconut Lip Balm
Besides the skin, environmental can attack the lips. The thing that can protect your lips is Lip Balm.
How to Detox with a Coconut Oil Cleanse
How can coconut oil cleanse your body? Today, I would like to answer you this question.
Coconut Oil Hacks for the Whole Family
Your whole family can use coconut oil both internal and external to improve health in every day.
Hair Mask for Sun Damaged Hair
Perming, bleaching, chemicals, and also environment are the causes of hair damaged. I would like to recommend you the product to protect your hair from damaging.
Amazing ingredients for your brighter skin
I'm so exhausted of the weather nowadays. It makes the skin getting oily. When the skin gets oily, dirt can be attached to the skin easier. If you have the same problem as me and being worried about it, listen to me. I have some tips for you to fix this problem.
Healthy Café and Restaurant
Because health is very important, nowadays people start concerning about the food. Today, I would like to recommend you the healthy café and restaurant.
The Natural Way to Slow Down Aging and Live Longer
No one can endure the wrinkles and grey hair. I would like to suggest you that coconut oil can help you slow down aging.
How to Get a Sun Kissed Tan Skin
Tan skin is a fairly recent trend nowadays. I would like to suggest you the way to get healthy sun kissed tan skin.
Coconut Oil as a Treatment for Alzheimer's disease
Is coconut oil good? Can it relieve diseases? Today, I’m going to talk about coconut oil and Alzheimer's disease.
Coconut Oil and Diabetes
Do you know you’re behaving like a diabetes person? Eat a lot, tired, numb arm and leg, or thirst are just ordinary feels, but they’re also a sign of diabetes.
How to stop ACNE
The weather which is difficult to be predicted makes acne hardly to control. Don’t be confused and let’s get to know about the causes of acne in the raining.
How to survive the hot weather
In the hot weather, your skin may be damaged by sunlight and oxidant. Is sunscreen enough to protect your skin?
Aromatherapy Oil
Essential oils are used for physical, mentality, and emotional curing which is called Aromatherapy.
Do you think just a lotion is enough? No, it’s not!
How to heal sun burned skin
Start repairing your skin with Aloe Vera Gel after you faced with the sun for several days.
Coconut Oil for Pregnant Woman
You might hear that the qualities of coconut oil are better than the other oil. But is it real?
How to use Coconut Oil for weight loss
If you fail in losing weight, I would like to suggest you to try coconut oil.
Coconut Puling Oil
You might hear about pulling mouth with cold-pressed coconut oil. I would like to confirm that oil pulling is the best way to clean your mouth!
Coconut Cooling Soap Bar
The hot weather makes me want to take a shower 10 times in a day, and so do you, right? Most of you guys may need a cooling soap to refresh your boring hot day.
How to treat your foots
Foots is the important part, you must treat them as much as your face.
Beneficial of Coconut Oil for mom and baby
One thing to protect mother and her babies is coconut oil which can be moisturizer, antioxidant, disinfectant, and anti-inflammation.
Coconut Shower Cream
The shower cream for cleaning and moisturizing your skin in the same time.
Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules
Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules are the more convenience way to take a coconut oil than usual.
How to get a Perfect Hair through this raining
In raining, you have to face with a rains and humidity which can cause itching and dandruff. So, I would like to recommend you the way to fix these problems.
Differences of Body Butter, Body Cream, and Body Lotion
Sunlight and environment are the cause of making skin become dry, dull, and rough. Choosing the appropriated skin care shouldn’t be disregarded because skin types of each person are different.
Hand & Nail Care
You must have a product to protect your hand and nail, because they are one of body that are used all the time.
Coconut Oil Sunscreen
Who told you sunscreen isn’t needed in the raining? It’s wrong!
How to break a fever with Coconut Oil
In this raining, you can get a fever easily. So, I would like to recommend you the oil that can protect you from fever.
Coconut oil as an acne treatment
You're misunderstanding about coconut oil. It's not the cause of acne but it's the treatment of acne!
Roughly Hand to... Lovely Hand
"Hand" is the mostly used part, so you need to treat your hand like you treat your other part of skin.
How to get rid of your dullness with Coconut Fiber Scrub
Let's make a homemade facial scrub for your healthy skin.
A Product for Makeup Removing
Ordinary makeup remover you use in every day may harm your skin. This is a natural product to remove all makeup and treat your skin also.