Coconut Oil and Diabetes

Do you know you’re behaving like a diabetes person? Eat a lot, tired, numb arm and leg, or thirst are just ordinary feels, but they’re also a sign of diabetes.

Diabetes is created from abnormal of pancreas, which can’t produce enough insulin. Insulin takes sugar into cells and burning into energy. Losing insulin affects sugar can’t be taken into cell, so it’s still in blood.

Causes of diabetes:

1.  Genetic: from parents to their child.

2. Abusive behavior

    - Eating an unhygienic food: Too much sugar or carbohydrate and no exercising. Especially, taking unsaturated fat will decrease efficacy of cell to be attach to insulin, which is a sugar conductor into the cell.

    - Taking an unnecessary drug: Some drugs are the cause of diabetes such as steroids, diuretics, and contraceptive.

    - Other causes: Overweight and prolific can also be the cause of diabetes.

    - Other diseases: For example, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, cirrhosis, hyperthyroid, and Cushing syndrome.

Dr. Narong Chomchalao, leader of coconut oil conservation and development club, said that “coconut oil is the only oil which can cure the Diabetes by…”

1. Coconut oil helps cell to work better and bring a sugar into cell in stable rate.

    Glucose and long chain fatty acid can’t be permitted into the cell because of their size. They need insulin to be medium. Coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acid, so it can be permitted into the cell without insulin. It can be a food of cell also. This means insulin isn’t be needed and pancreas doesn't have to work hard. Then, the diabetes can be relieved after taking coconut oil just few weeks.

2. Coconut oil improves efficacy of producing and responding of insulin.

    Coconut oil helps to improve efficacy pancreas to produce insulin. This makes body have enough insulin (for diabetes type 1) and better cell response to insulin (for diabetes type 2). And this is an action of coconut oil…

    2.1 Help to stimulate metabolism. Coconut oil can activate Thyroid and improve metabolism rate. This affects increasing producing of insulin and sugar absorption into cell. So, coconut oil can prevent insulin for healing diabetes. Coconut oil is good for diabetes type 1 and 2.

    2.2 To make pancreas can reproduce insulin, coconut oil have to replace a cell food. So, the enzyme which is used to produce insulin is lower, pancreas doesn’t have to work hard and insulin creation will be more efficient.

    2.3 Increase insulin response. Diabetes patient type 2 which can’t response the insulin, coconut oil can fix this problem by open up the cell to take more sugar and the pancreas doesn’t need to produce excessive insulin.

3. Coconut oil helps control sugar level in blood

    Coconut oil helps to control sugar level in blood by reducing taking sugar into blood. Sugar level in blood in some patients can be controlled and reduced by adding coconut oil in their meals.

4. Coconut oil helps improve glucose tolerance

    They reported that coconut oil can improve efficacy of insulin for efficiently using of sugar. Moreover, researcher found that coconut oil can improve tolerance of sugar also.

5. GI will be reduced by coconut oil

    Some food can cause sugar level in blood or Glycemic Index (GI) to be higher. Adding a coconut oil into carb can lower GI of those food. So, coconut oil can helps diabetes patients control their sugar level in blood.

Just take a few tbsp of coconut oil directly or mix it together with your meals. You can find that it can reduce sugar level in your blood within 30 minutes. (You should take it in appropriated volume. When combined with another fat, all fat need to be less than 3-4 tbsp per day.)

Because of these, diabetes patients should stop taking unsaturated fat and start taking coconut oil instead.

This is the best way to cure the diabetes. :)