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Who We Are

Tropicana Oil was established from small coconut farmer family located in Surat Thani province, Thailand. Our organic coconut farm at Tapee River is the beginning of our journey, place that we developed coconut breed and enhanced quality organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Nowadays, our 100% Organic Cold-Press Virgin Coconut Oil is exported to more than 15 countries around world. We have quality certificates from GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, USDA, JAS, EU and KOREA ORGANIC. Besides, more than 100 products that we expand are applicable for every people; in both skin and hair area.

Hot and humid weather combine with Thailand’s soil attributes lead to origin of quality coconut breed. In the past, many people grew up coconut to use as a food resource and household materials. Significant advantage of coconut is coconut can be used as a medicine to recover diseases. Folk wisdom and todays’ technologies bring the most wonderful technique that could extract high nutrients of coconut without damages much nutrients. Tropicana selects best quality coconut breed from Tapee River then process through cold-pressed process. Cold-Pressed Process is modern technology that was researched and developed to use in coconut oil industry. This method could provide 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil without the use of chemical. According to laboratory research, organic coconut oil could remain savour and colour of natural coconut without additional chemical added. Moreover, Tropicana’s Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil contains high Lauric Acid, this substance is found in mother’s milk; high nutrients to improve immune system, vitamin E to improve skin condition, less cholesterol if compare to other types of plant oil. Tropicana Oil collaborates with government in order to get high quality of coconut oil which is a main ingredient to produce skin care/ cosmetic and food. Tropicana 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for healthy consumer.

Furthermore, Tropicana enhances ourselves to originate beauty products with the use of cold-pressed method; skin care, hair care and lip care. Skin care products can enrich skin moisture, anti-aging wrinkles, natural brighten skin and remove dead skin. Hair care products compose of high nutrient to maintain hair and reinforce root hair, protect hair from pollution, provide shiny hair and eliminate split ends. 
Tropicana concerns about corporate social responsibility activities. We educate and promote well-being to society as we believe in the ‘healthy’ word, healthy would make your life happier.
Tropicana promises we will continue develop our products and services to satisfy customer demand and supply to global market.



Mr.Suradej Ninek

Managing Director


Marketing Manager